Company History

Schildberg Construction Company began as a small, family-owned operation, founded in 1937 by E.F. Schildberg of Greenfield, Iowa.

Over the past 80-plus years, we have expand­ed, pro­duc­ing qual­i­ty aggre­gate mate­r­i­al for South­west Iowa and South Cen­tral Iowa, as well as North­west Mis­souri. These aggre­gate mate­ri­als range from agri­cul­tur­al lime­stone to crushed rock for road maintenance.

While the com­pa­ny has grown into a large and wide­spread oper­a­tion, we have remained a fam­i­ly firm in more ways than one — and that may be one of the keys to our long-term success.

From the begin­ning, man­age­ment had been a fam­i­ly affair. E.F. Schild­berg, as chair­man of the board, took care of gen­er­al coor­di­na­tion and looked after plant facil­i­ties. Sylvia Schild­berg, E.F.’s wife, was gen­er­al­ly in charge of record-keep­ing and office personnel. 

Since E.F. and Sylvia, no few­er than three gen­er­a­tions of the Schild­berg fam­i­ly have worked with­in the com­pa­ny, help­ing grow the orga­ni­za­tion with an empha­sis on fam­i­ly pride and work eth­ic. These ideals have nat­u­ral­ly extend­ed to the work­force and their fam­i­lies, with many chil­dren of Schild­berg employ­ees fol­low­ing their par­ents into the company.